Jamie Phan 🚀

👨‍🦱 About Me

Hello, I am Jamie Phan. He/Him. I am a Software Engineer who graduated from the University of Leicester - Computer Science. Projects ideas came randomly. I also like creating "automation" and "convenience" tools that take days or even weeks to develop just to save a few minutes.

Knows how to cook a perfect scrambled egg 🥚. Learning how to make Cheese 🧀. Hates Aubergine (Eggplant) 🍆.

You can find me from my Blog, Email and GitHub.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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📜 Technical Proficiency

📜 Projects

Most of my working projects are in private, so not much are listed 😔.

However you can check out my blog instead!


My personal website, with some nice parallax effects in the universe 🌍 and a hidden easter egg 👀.


A Pastebin-like service speifically designed for JSON. Can be also exported to different formats such as XML, YAML. It features a API based service with an online editor.


Some random batch scripts that I made, I use them quite often for various of stuff (why the fxxk Windows uses forward slash in paths, oh my fu...\ahem*, please excuse me.*)

❄ Heroes of the Storm: Projects - Part 1

Heroes of the Storm is one of my favorite MOBA game with great looking arts and heroes.

Storm Map Generator (source code)

An online Heroes of the storm map generator with various of customization and editing functionality.

Try Mode 2.0

A drop-in replacement for the in game Try Mode (or Test Mode), with extra features.

❄ Heroes of the Storm: Projects - Part 2

Try Mode 2.0 Installer

An Installer App for Try Mode 2.0, using Electron.


An automated repository to fetch maps and mod files; updating them accordingly

AI Maps

Generate various of AI Compositions base on the maps from S2MA repository.

Game Data

An automated repository to fetch all game data such as XML and Galaxy files.

❄ Heroes of the Storm: Projects - Part 3


Various tools that I used to aid my modding for Heroes of the Storm.


A docker-ised storm-extract command line tool with the built image size of only 1.52MB.


A fork of barncastle/Battle.Net-Installer, Modified to for compatible running in CI environment. Heavily used by S2MA and Game data repository.

🎮 Heroes of the Storm: Archived Projects


Blizzcle, A NodeJS module that allows to download Blizzard's news either programmatically or CLI.

Snapshot Differ

A all-in-one repository for generating Game Data, sending notification and generating diffs.

Snapshot Differ Result

A repository to hold all the diff files generated by Snapshot Differ.